Not Grey Market…BUT Green Market!

Not Grey Market…BUT Green Market!

The green market is the distribution of refurbished, used, recycled, discontinued or new products that are in working condition.

They are sold through resellers such as Hula Networks, and sometimes through the original manufacturer. These goods are suitable for resale to customers as a lower cost alternative to buying new goods from standard distribution channels. All items from Hula are under warranty (HulaNet).

The negative effects of over producing new electronics products and disposing rather than utilizing existing equipment, has been recognized as ecologically hazardous. Buying green market products is not only very cost effective, but is more environmentally responsible than continually replacing systems with new equipment.

NEW! Go Green Program

We have now seen this new “Go Green” come up more and more. With energy costs rising and landfills overflowing more companies are thinking “Green”. We have found that many companies like yours have storerooms full of idle, legacy, or abandoned gear that is taking up valuable space and is a logistical nightmare to catalog and dispose of. We at Hula Networks Inc. can help you with that with our new Go Green Program!

What This Means for You

It frees up not only man hours spent by your staff but frees up space within your facility that you can use for customer space and increase your profits. On top of that it is a green alternative as everything is reused or properly recycled. How are we going to recycle this gear? We will either refurbish the gear for resale so that it replaces a new unit that would have been purchased (i.e. one less piece of equipment manufactured and sold) or fully tear down the units for component and resource recycling.

Earn Green Points

Hula Networks is a registered certified Green Business in the state California. Going Green with Hula saves you money. We will give you Hula Green points for each piece of gear we handle for you! Green points gives you rewards for being recycling savvy. With Green Points you can get even credits for upcoming purchases.

Go Green with Hula Networks Please, contact us today!  1-866-HULANET or