Inter-Op/POC/Sales Concept Lab Services

One of Hula’s core strengths as a company is directly servicing lab environment clients.  We have extensive experience and knowledge in this arena over the past 20 years.  We have the technical staff dedicated to support any questions or design scenarios that arise in lab testing, proof of concept, Q&A and carrier and transport simulation as well as test equipment heavy environments using Ixia or Spirent.  Hula’s unique experience and market expertise helps lab managers build out environments leveraging both data hardware and software/cloud-based solutions.

The Hula team brings expertise in the design and build out of lab environments, including the underlying data center infrastructure and network.  Hula can help customers consolidate multiple platforms to optimize budgets and optimize power utilization.

  • Speed up time to market and resolution of support issues
  • Maximize resource utilization and eliminate stranded resources
  • Reduce Capex and engineering costs and enable power savings
  • Increase testing coverage across test bed combinations and permutations
  • Enable continuous testing in the DevOps toolchain

We provide equipment upgrade programs where we apply trade-in values from the sale of retired lab assets enabling the purchase of state-of-the-art lab equipment allowing you to maintain a competitive advantage.  We offer custom lab purchase and trade in programs to meet your specific requirements.  Our many lab centric clients have utilized this service to great success.

Hula Networks differentiates itself from our competition of typical VARs.  We are a “hybrid solutions provider” offering the best of both worlds: new and used networking equipment depending on your specific needs. We offer you a broad range of product and technologies to provide the best possible solutions combined with the best total cost of ownership.  We typically inventory $20M worth of OEM products for interoperability testing comprised of OEM’s such as Arista Networks, Cisco Systems, Dell, Juniper Networks etc. as well test and measurement brands such as IXIA, and Spirent,  etc.

Please, contact us today 866-HULANET or

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