Hula Networks Buys, Sells and Trades all Networking Equipment


Buy new or used networking equipment and SAVE with Hula Networks!

  • Arista Networks
  • Brocade Communications
  • Cisco Systems
  • Juniper Networks
  • Storage: Data Domain, EMC, EqualLogic, HP, & NetApp

Over the past 15 years Hula Networks has developed a fantastic buyback partnership with its customer community. Essentially, Hula was able to achieve its stellar reputation by exercising fair market business practices and following through with all phases of the transaction, from purchase to package & shipping. Success in the secondary market world is a relationship driven business and, in order to ensure future opportunity, it is vital to have the supply chain in good withstanding. Hula Networks is looking for long term buyback partnerships. These partnerships cannot be developed unless the process is fair and competitive. Hula is not interested in jeopardizing its reputation for the sake of a single monetary gain. We strive to meet the expectations of our customer and are always willing to listen to any feedback with regard to any certain buyback bid. All of our bids are based upon the product being either a commodity (high demand) or niche (low demand) product. For commodity products that we stock and have an understanding of market value, we can turn around bids within 24 hours. Niche products can require a bit more evaluation, but generally speaking, we should be able to turn around bids within 48 hours.

We also offer a comprehensive asset management program

A multiple certified OEM partner, small and green business accredited, Hula Networks provides a comprehensive program of asset management solutions; from buy backs, spares, repair, warranty & support, consignment, idle asset management and e-waste disposal.

Asset Management Services Overview

Hula Networks’ breadth of asset management is focused total cost of ownership – leverage Hula know-how to get better value from your IT assets. We also work closely with key manufacturers to ensure that upgrade paths are efficiently managed to maximize your budgets and trade-in values.

Hula Networks will pick-up, process, store, re-deploy, resell, or dispose of your end-of-life network equipment right from your designated sites.

Hula Networks provides clients with the logistical and technical expertise to assist our customers with the identification, cataloging and disposition of network assets both operational and obsolete.

With over sixty years of combined experience and more than 10,000 customers world-wide, Hula Networks has both the know-how and the networking power to get the job done.

Our valued customers range from the Fortune 1000 to SMB, from service providers and government entities, abroad and international, Hula has the reach to service customers worldwide.

The expertise that Hula Networks provides allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and leaves time consuming inventory management and logistics to our asset experts.

Various Asset Management Programs Available Including:

Give Hula a call today, and experience how our consignment program can provide you an immediate ROI and improve your overall IT budgets.

1153 Tasman Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94089
P: 1-866-485-2638 (HULANET)
F: 1-650-625-4101

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