Hula Networks is Expanding

Hula is pleased to announce that we’ve recently expanded into several new US and international markets. In an effort to bring our goal of increasing profits, decreasing expenses and mitigating risk to companies worldwide, we’ve opened a few new offices.

Arlington, Texas


Our Texas office is headed by William Roddy, who is a veteran in the Telecom field with extensive experience in OSP, ISP, networking, and data transmission. William specializes in international relations as well and is bringing the Hula reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in management not only to the Southwest, but also to Latin America. Vamos Hula!

Denver, Colorado


Leading our Colorado branch is 17-year communication and tech industry veteran Sheryl Miller. Sheryl has been with Hula since 2010 and has the experience necessary to bring the customer-centric, vendor agnostic focus of Hula Networks to the Northern US and Canada.

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Serving the Caribbean market is Puerto Rican native, Martha Silva. Martha’s career has spanned several industry specializations including wireless, synchronization and fiber optics. Now she focuses on bringing world-class customer service to her market.

Hula cookies

Europe and Great Britain

With multiple partnerships and customers throughout Europe, including Ireland, The United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and many others, Hula is making a concentrated effort to expand throughout the European market. We are striving to build on a reliable EU presence as the #1 Technology Reseller for New & Pre-owned Network Hardware, Equipment, IP Telephony Products, Wireless and Professional Services worldwide.

Hula is going global and we want to do business with your company! Contact us today for more information!

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